Travis Clark from We The Kings says Meditation can cure COVID-19, then responds to backlash.

Sunday, December 20, 2020


Image by @travisclark on IG

    Whoopsies - that was stupid! Travis was trending on twitter after an IG caption to a photo went viral. He posted some anti-vax, anti-mask shit and then Demi Lovato agreed. 

Here's his latest post addressing the backlash :
"When 2021 gets here, let’s all practice on being okay with sometimes disagreeing with other people and yet still showing them kindness and respect.

I’ve seen a couple people in the comments ask me what I thought, so I figured I would share my point of view.

I find it troubling that the media and powers that be always choose to promote a drug, a treatment, or a clinic before promoting healthy eating, meditation, outdoor physical activity and spiritual growth.

For anyone that knows me, you know that I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my entire life because the science says that it would harm or kill me while promoting cancer and also that second-hand smoke kills and harms those around me. Yet, people are still allowed to smoke cigarettes in public. Now here is where I find everything SUPREMELY INCONSISTENT. If you’re going to create a mask mandate to save yourself and those around you, then shouldn’t we also have a mandate against smoking? Or maybe it’s because tobacco is a billion dollar industry and we wouldn’t want to disrupt that now would we, even though tobacco has lead to exponentially more deaths than COVID has. All I’m saying is, we need to be more consistent. I agree with masks if they help and I agree that tobacco should be illegal for the same reasons as we are mandating masks.

I’m on one now, so I’m just gonna keep going... I also find it interesting that when someone dies of an underlying condition that has COVID, it’s labeled as a COVID death. Yet, when someone dies from cancer caused by tobacco it’s labeled as a cancer death. Again, inconsistent.

Ok, I’m done. I hope you enjoy reading my humble perspective. Having respectful conversations with people you disagree with is incredibly productive and you might find that you learn a lot from the other side which allows you to respect each side even more.

On a funny side note.... I think it’s funny when people claim that We The Kings doesn’t agree with the government. I think they forget that we’re just a bunch of punk rock kids which by definition basically means being anti-authority haha 😂"

Also - Alex from All Time Low came in like a wrecking ball with this gem :

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