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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

    Today Catie decided she did not need a nap. This was pretty rough considering her attitude completely shifts when she is tired. She declined her lunch and told me finally that she was “sleepy tired” but when I put her in her crib she decided to stay up for around an hour. She just sat in there talking and if I made any noise at all she would call for me. Eventually I gave up and let her out.

    She did not want any of her dinner, even though she told me that she wanted pasta and sausage. This was all because she wanted to use her blue spoon - not fork. It was too hard for her to pickup her pasta with a spoon - instant meltdown.

    Eventually we got her to calm down and she played with her play doh pizza oven set. She really wanted to watch TV instead but when she is tired she won’t just sit there and watch a movie - she needs to have it changed to different obscure YouTube videos every 3 mins. SO we steer clear of the TV at sleepy time.

New words today :
“I am so funny”
“No peppers in my SALAD”

Books read :
Farm Babies
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