Monday, November 30, 2020

Just wanted to shoutout the wonderful people at Zoom Care on Grand Ave. They were very helpful via chat and very detailed during my visit. They were able to locate a rather large stone (3 cm and round) in my very swollen gallbladder and arranged for me to head to Providence St. Vincent to have emergency surgery.

Zoom was not only able to see me right away, but they also performed an ultrasound, took blood samples and they gave me a rapid Covid test with results in 20 mins.

They sent me over to St Vincent who found a time slot to perform my surgery at noon today. I stayed all night in the hospital. It was extremely scary to go through alone, but the surgery itself wasn't so bad and I appreciate the COVID precautions.

I am home recovering. 2020 took my whole gallbladder.

Also - the rapid COVID test is so easy and doesn't go way up your nose. If you have an opportunity to take one, get checked. 

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