Huluween 2020 : The Cabin in the Woods

Saturday, October 10, 2020


Day 2 we decided to skip ‘Hellraiser’ and go right to ‘The Cabin in the Woods.’ Cameron had already seen this one and I SWEAR I saw it back when it came out in the movies but I seriously didn’t remember ANY of it other than teens drive an RV to a Cabin in the Woods. 

This movie is an absolute shit show and the plot tries to convey something deeper - people sacrificing teens to “old gods” so the world wont be destroyed. A control room of people sit around and watch the teens die in a specific order and they party the whole time.

I did not enjoy this one, the plot was too all over the place to be enjoyable. I give this one a 3/10.
Cameron actually really liked this one and probs gives it an 8/10.

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