Huluween 2020 : As Above, So Below

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Okay, this one actually started off pretty scary. 

This movie plays on your senses and really gets into the tight spaces of the catacombs. From the moment they arrive to the spot to get under ground- you feel it. I hate that shit, so it was scary.

The movie begins to truly fall apart once they find the stone the main character is looking for. Once you hit that point in the movie - it almost becomes a laughable joke. The bad CGI, The plot it COULD have had to be a good movie is basically staring it in the face - but no, they cover up what could have been an amazing play on the senses with a "truth over evil" style ending.

Literally nobody needed to crawl into hell to figure out their inner demons - nobody. Pay for a therapist or something like everyone else. You're trying to tell me this girl's dad spent his whole career searching for this 'stone' and being called crazy for believing in it .... And the stone is just a metaphor for the truth? 

I'm gonna give this one 2 scores - 
The first half of the movie gets 8/10
The last half gets a 2/10
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