Huluween 2020 : An American Haunting

Sunday, October 11, 2020



 Tonight’s movie was ‘An American Haunting.’ Neither of us had seen this one before but the description looked interesting so we took a chance. It starts off in “modern” (I put quotes because I’m sure this movie was made in 2005) times but suddenly jumps into the 1800s or something when the woman finds a letter on her desk written by a girl in that time period.

The movie is full of terrible CGI and a plot that seems really straightforward until the very last 30 mins of the movie. It takes a complete turn and leaves you wondering wtf you just watched. It’s a movie that attempted to really drive home a point - not all evil is a tormented spirit, it could just be your dad. 

After this ended we both sat there and felt weird about it. 4/10

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