Gym Log

Wednesday, October 7, 2020
So I was in the big long row of elliptical machines at the gym. I wanna say there's 10/15 or so machines. Nobody else is there.

This dude takes the liberty to take the one right next to me.

I'm like okay, I guess it's the closest to where you walk up. Weird but maybe nothing .

I'm watching the Paris doc on my phone with my airpods. A good 15 mins goes by and I start hearing him talking to me.

I'm like wtf. I look over and pause the video and take out the airpod to make a point I've got them in my ears.

He starts telling me I should go backwards on the elliptical. 

I'm like oh why

He's like oh it's an ass workout

I get a good look at this guy. He's not a gym guy. He's not an employee. He's like got a huge beer gut and everything. 

I was like ~good to know. I put the headphone back in and he's still saying shit about my form that I know he knows nothing about. Nothing. Dude is not in shape at all. Either way, uncomfortable.

Now I gotta figure out how TF am I gonna dip without It being weird or sus. Amazing I gotta make it not sus. Why do I care if he gets his feelings hurt?

I wait 5 mins and get off. I gotta clean the machine because it's the right thing to do. I go back to clean it.

He's like ~oh you're just gonna quit?

And that's when I told him he made me uncomfortable

I went to the locker room for awhile and talked to my good friend Stephanie to try to calm down. I was in there for a little while.

When I walked out that guy was waiting by the water fountains directly outside the locker room area. I was very taken back by this and figured he was going to apologize. He didn't. He just blankly stared at me and said something about quitting. I told him again I was uncomfortable.

I ran to my car and locked it. Really fucking strange. I'm upset.
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