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Saturday, October 31, 2020


Please help the Enchanted Forest!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020


The Enchanted Forest theme park in Oregon is created, owned and operated by our family, including our father, creator Roger Tofte, now 90 years old, with 3 generations now working in the park. Prior to Covid we were a thriving business and had no debt. Then Covid hit and now at the end of our season, we are in debt and that debt will continue to rise quickly until Covid has passed and business returns to normal. We will celebrate our 50 year anniversary August 8, 2021 and are determined to make it to celebrate our 50th year anniversary. It is time to ask for help.


During the first half of our 6 month 2020 season, the governor did not allow us to open, even to private family tours, because we were a theme park. When we were allowed to open for the last half of our season, we were only allowed a capacity of 250 people including employees. Our park’s capacity is several thousand guests, so 250, including employees, does not begin to pay our bills. 

We have been very responsible, with temperature checks, sanitizing rides between each rider, extreme sanitizing, even outside, closing areas of the park where proper social distancing or sanitizing cannot be maintained, online reservations to control and document capacity and much more. We have worked hard to cut our operating expenses in less than half, but even so, that small capacity leads us further and further into debt. 

We are trying to be creative and exhaust all possible sources of income. We have put more items on our online store and started to auction off our father’s paintings, prints and memorabilia. This is why we have started our keep Enchanted Forest open to be enjoyed long after Covid is gone. 


In the 60's, Roger, father of four young children, realized there was very little for a family to see and do together in Oregon. He formulated the idea for a theme park where he could use his creative talents and though he had very little time or money to make his dream a reality, he persisted anyway. He purchased the original 20 acres of land off Interstate 5 for four thousand dollars, in monthly payments of fifty dollars and began construction in 1964. He worked full-time at the Oregon State Highway Department. However, to finance his dream, he repaired watches and took extra commercial art jobs in his spare time, buying one sack of cement at a time. He worked on building the park after work and on weekends. The Tofte's own backyard became filled with storybook figures and small buildings as Roger also used every spare second at home to work on his dream.

Everyone but Roger thought it was foolish to think that this idea could work. Roger's friends and co-workers used to tease him about his work on "Idiot Hill." That also seemed to be the bank's idea. Close to opening, Roger and Mavis needed $2,000 to put on the last touches to the park in order to be able to open, but had run out of every last dime. Their own bank would not loan them the money, because, of course, the Tofte family didn't have any cash. Only one bank took the chance on them and loaned them the money.

Roger originally thought it would take only two years to build the Storybook Trail, which was the first section that he needed to complete before the park could open. Finally, after seven years, at 2:00 on Sunday, August 8, 1971, Roger and his wife Mavis hung up a piece of butcher paper saying "OPEN" on the fence and the first visitors entered the park. Admission was one dollar for adults and fifty cents for children and the starting wage was $1.65 per hour. There were 75 people the first day and 1,000 people the next Sunday. Roger's dream was finally a reality with Roger as the creative force and Mavis as the business head.

Roger’s wife Mavis was the business head of Enchanted Forest until diagnosed with cancer and handed off the day to day operations of running the business to daughters Susan and Mary when they were young adults. 

Through the years, Roger and his family have been adding to his dream with new additions to the park. The Tofteville western town was built the second year, and the Haunted House opened in 1974. The Comedy Theatre was built for daughter Susan, who writes and directs the outrageous musical comedies based on fairy-tales and composes all park music. 

Money was continually put back into the business creating more to see and do. Over the years many more attractions were added, the Ice Mountain Bobsled Roller Coaster, The English Village, the Fantasy Fountains water-light show, the Big-Timber Log Flume ride, kiddie rides, and the interactive target shooting ride, The Challenge of Mondor. 

Now, Roger Tofte, though still the ringleader of Enchanted Forest, has successfully incorporated 2 of his children into the business, Susan and Mary, 2 of his grandchildren, Derek and Tim, Roger’s brother-in-law Dale and Tim’s wife, Ashley. According to Susan, this arrangement has worked out quite well, "We're very lucky. We get along because we're each in charge of different projects and our areas don't overlap much. We work very well together."


With three generations of the Tofte family working at Enchanted Forest, the tradition and creativity will be carried on for many years to come with your help. Roger can still be seen almost daily out working in the park. If you see a man in his 90s riding around on a moped or repairing cement, it is probably Roger! As Roger says, " We believe in attention to artistic detail. We want to offer our visitors something unique, with a lot of variety. We strive to be the hidden gem that people discover as their own special place." 

Our goal right now is to save the business and survive through Covid so we are here for future generations to enjoy. We have cut our operating budget to less than half of what it would be during a normal year, but even so, with a capacity of only 250 mandated by our governor, this does not begin to cover costs to keep us in business. We will fight and use all of our creativity, but we have decided this is the time to ask for help. 

CONTRIBUTIONS OR GIFTS TO ENCHANTED FOREST, INC. ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  Any contributions received shall be considered gifts to Enchanted Forest, Inc., which is a for profit corporation.  Contributors will not receive any good or services in exchange for their gifts.  At the discretion of Enchanted Forest gifts received will be used to cover Enchanted Forest’s ongoing costs and expenses in an effort to help Enchanted Forest survive and provide family fun and adventure to future generations of Oregonians to come.

Creator Roger Tofte in front of the iconic Snow White Witch's head, created in the 60s.

Creator Roger Tofte today at 90 years old, busy cementing. 
One of creator Roger Tofte's first cement sculptures, Humpty Dumpty. 
Roger's great granddaughter, running through the streets to the Tofteville western town. The western town was built the second year the park was open in 1972.
All of these English buildings were hand crafter by Roger in cement. All exteriors were done by Roger by hand. Roger's great granddaughter again in the pink dress in the street's of the English Village.52155528_1603748747475260_r.jpeg
The Enchanted Forest also includes many rides. This is the big splashdown on the Big Timber Log Flume RIde. 


Sunday, October 25, 2020
The blog app isn't letting me post any photos for some reason. 

Wendy’s Twitter being absolutely savage to Attack Attack!

Wednesday, October 21, 2020


And Wendy - nobody knows who’s in Attack Attack at this point.

Went to the Playground

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Just a cutie on a swing.

huluween 2020 : Behind You

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Huluween continues with "Behind You."

Well, they tried. A lot of thought went into this poorly executed movie. They tried it all and everything they did fell short.

It isn't the worst movie - and it isn't the best.

Has gore.

I’m loving spooky season - what about you?


I’m going crazy buying pumpkins I’m going to feel horrible throwing away in a month.

Huluween 2020 : The Lodge

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Tonight we continued our scary movie month with 'The Lodge.'

This movie has it all - cults, religion, medication, suicide and little kids. You don't know who to truly feel bad for - it's a fucked up situation. I can't talk much about any of it or I'll blow the movie.

This (I think) has been my favorite one we've watched so far. 

I give this movie an 8/10.

I'd give it higher but you kind of start to realize what's happening early on. 

Justin & Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner


Paris & Kim K for SKIMS

Friday, October 16, 2020

Brittany Murphy and Ashton


The Olsen Twins in “New York Minute“

Thursday, October 15, 2020


Jennifer Love Hewitt in 1997

Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Huluween 2020 : As Above, So Below

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Okay, this one actually started off pretty scary. 

This movie plays on your senses and really gets into the tight spaces of the catacombs. From the moment they arrive to the spot to get under ground- you feel it. I hate that shit, so it was scary.

The movie begins to truly fall apart once they find the stone the main character is looking for. Once you hit that point in the movie - it almost becomes a laughable joke. The bad CGI, The plot it COULD have had to be a good movie is basically staring it in the face - but no, they cover up what could have been an amazing play on the senses with a "truth over evil" style ending.

Literally nobody needed to crawl into hell to figure out their inner demons - nobody. Pay for a therapist or something like everyone else. You're trying to tell me this girl's dad spent his whole career searching for this 'stone' and being called crazy for believing in it .... And the stone is just a metaphor for the truth? 

I'm gonna give this one 2 scores - 
The first half of the movie gets 8/10
The last half gets a 2/10

Britney in 2018


Y2K Britney Throwback

Monday, October 12, 2020
Pretty in purple.

Louis Vuitton x NBA Collab


Not super sure who’s going to buy some of this collection but it’s pretty sick.

Drake’s son Adonis turns 3.


Huluween 2020 : An American Haunting

Sunday, October 11, 2020



 Tonight’s movie was ‘An American Haunting.’ Neither of us had seen this one before but the description looked interesting so we took a chance. It starts off in “modern” (I put quotes because I’m sure this movie was made in 2005) times but suddenly jumps into the 1800s or something when the woman finds a letter on her desk written by a girl in that time period.

The movie is full of terrible CGI and a plot that seems really straightforward until the very last 30 mins of the movie. It takes a complete turn and leaves you wondering wtf you just watched. It’s a movie that attempted to really drive home a point - not all evil is a tormented spirit, it could just be your dad. 

After this ended we both sat there and felt weird about it. 4/10



Huluween 2020 : The Cabin in the Woods

Saturday, October 10, 2020


Day 2 we decided to skip ‘Hellraiser’ and go right to ‘The Cabin in the Woods.’ Cameron had already seen this one and I SWEAR I saw it back when it came out in the movies but I seriously didn’t remember ANY of it other than teens drive an RV to a Cabin in the Woods. 

This movie is an absolute shit show and the plot tries to convey something deeper - people sacrificing teens to “old gods” so the world wont be destroyed. A control room of people sit around and watch the teens die in a specific order and they party the whole time.

I did not enjoy this one, the plot was too all over the place to be enjoyable. I give this one a 3/10.
Cameron actually really liked this one and probs gives it an 8/10.

Huluween 2020 : Texas Chainsaw (2013)

Friday, October 9, 2020


Okay, we started Huluween a few days late but Cameron and I are going to do our best to follow the list from here on out. The list begins with Texas Chainsaw (2013.) 

I am a huge fan of the early 2000s Texas Chainsaw reboot, so when I saw the list I figured that was the one we would be watching but Hulu only has the 2013 edition and neither of us had seen it. The movie starts out pretty predictable - teens on a road trip to find a girl’s long lost family after she finds out her grandmother dies and has willed a home to her in Texas. It’s.... that house and someone’s in the basement.

I wont spoil too much of the movie for you, but it’s worth the watch. It’s a gory, cheesy mess. I enjoyed it.

Why is Trey Songz in this movie?


Taylor Swift for V Magazine

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Incredible cover.

Gym Log

So I was in the big long row of elliptical machines at the gym. I wanna say there's 10/15 or so machines. Nobody else is there.

This dude takes the liberty to take the one right next to me.

I'm like okay, I guess it's the closest to where you walk up. Weird but maybe nothing .

I'm watching the Paris doc on my phone with my airpods. A good 15 mins goes by and I start hearing him talking to me.

I'm like wtf. I look over and pause the video and take out the airpod to make a point I've got them in my ears.

He starts telling me I should go backwards on the elliptical. 

I'm like oh why

He's like oh it's an ass workout

I get a good look at this guy. He's not a gym guy. He's not an employee. He's like got a huge beer gut and everything. 

I was like ~good to know. I put the headphone back in and he's still saying shit about my form that I know he knows nothing about. Nothing. Dude is not in shape at all. Either way, uncomfortable.

Now I gotta figure out how TF am I gonna dip without It being weird or sus. Amazing I gotta make it not sus. Why do I care if he gets his feelings hurt?

I wait 5 mins and get off. I gotta clean the machine because it's the right thing to do. I go back to clean it.

He's like ~oh you're just gonna quit?

And that's when I told him he made me uncomfortable

I went to the locker room for awhile and talked to my good friend Stephanie to try to calm down. I was in there for a little while.

When I walked out that guy was waiting by the water fountains directly outside the locker room area. I was very taken back by this and figured he was going to apologize. He didn't. He just blankly stared at me and said something about quitting. I told him again I was uncomfortable.

I ran to my car and locked it. Really fucking strange. I'm upset.

Gym Log

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

 Because I was sick yesterday I’ve decided to quarantine before I head back to the gym. I just feel like it’s the right thing to do. 

I have Yesterday I did 30 mins on my cycle and 20 mins weight training.

I am so glad I have resources at home. Working out while sick was a lot harder than normal but I don’t want to fall out of practice. 

Monday, October 5, 2020
I don't feel very well today, so I'm going to take it slow.
I started feeling sick yesterday but it hasn't gotten better.
It is a miserable existence.

Hiking the Day Area

Saturday, October 3, 2020
My little adventure girl.

Gym Log

Today I went for an hour long hike with Catie and Cameron. It was a long hike and I spent a good portion of it carrying Catie. That was quite a workout but my watch didn't think it was good enough.

I did 30 mins on my bike and 20 doing weight training.

Tomorrow I will hit the gym but I wanted to spend the day with my family :)

Throwback : classic FOB
Thanks to @soulpunkomatic on twitter

Catie's new Bike

Friday, October 2, 2020
She's extremely proud of her new bike.

Gym Log

 Today was a rough and busy day. I ended up having to go to the store during Catie's nap and did not have time to go to the gym but I did purchase my own weights for at home while I was there.

I am excited to get more into weight training. I was able to workout with them after Catie went to bed for around 40 mins. I did a lot of different sets with them and I burned almost 250 calories. I bought some small weights so that I can work up enough to use the bigger ones at the gym. 

I have never worked out my arms before this and I'd like to make sure they're muscular for next year's surf season.

Kim Kardashian announces SKIMS waffle.

Thursday, October 1, 2020


No, not one you'd eat - Waffle material for SKIMS.
I love the ad campaign though.

Gym Log : Starting my Second MONTH

 I am excited to get into my second month of working out. I will start switching up what I do, but I have been trying to take it a little bit easier on myself over the last week so I don't get burnt out.

I have started an Apple Watch challenge this month with some of my friends so I am excited to see how I do. 

Today I had a very short amount of time at the gym because I had to do some errands beforehand. I was still able to do around 45 mins on the elliptical, but I will do better this weekend. It's just been very busy at home.

I was still able to close all of my rings.