Gym Log : Perfect Month Edition!

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

 I did it! I closed all of my rings this month. I worked out each day and mostly stuck to my diet.

Sadly, when I got to the gym my watch screen was not working properly. I had to pair and unpair my watch to get the display working. I was on the elliptical working out while servicing my watch so I lost around 20 mins or so worth of elliptical credit. I was able to do 20 more mins on the elliptical and let that get counted. 

I also tried a different indoor cycle bike, the one that is a little bit more reclined. I like it a lot more than the bike I have at home because the seat has a back rest. I did 40 mins on this bike and burned almost 300 calories. 

This month has been a lot of fun for me and I totally can see changes in my body. It has been a very positive thing in my life and I look forward to doing more. I had some setbacks with the scale - so I do remind everyone to just stop weighing themselves if they're going to get into this. 

I rewarded myself with some new shoes from adidas and a few more gym outfits. I am excited to continue.

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