Forgot some Gym Logs

Friday, September 18, 2020
I forgot to post some gym logs again - my bad! I’ve had a busy few days with Catie’s birthday. I also have been having some gallbladder woes, so my workouts have to stay light while I’m having attacks. Super lame - but I still completed them. 

On 09-16 I was able to go into the gym.
- 30 mins stair stepper (whew)
- 40 mins elliptical 

On 09-17 I was unable to go to the gym because Cameron had to head into the office.
- 45 mins Cycle

Today I was unable to go to the gym because of my gallbladder. It was very painful all afternoon. I thought about sucking it up and going, but I do not want to get injured. I will definitely pick back up tomorrow.
- 30 mins Cycle

I am currently down to 165. I started at about 169. I’m pretty proud of myself and my body does look different. I am glad to see some progress. I have a ton to go.
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