Today’s Twitter Drama ReCap

Sunday, June 28, 2020
So many things have been going on via Twitter since the pandemic started but this last week has been wild for the YouTube beauty community. Here's a recap :

- Jeffree Star is being dragged for his 2006/2008 website for 'Lipstick Nazi,' a brand he wanted to start prior to Jeffree Star cosmetics. He apologized via a screenshot of the notes app - basically explaining that in that timeframe 'Nazi' wasn't a frowned upon term and was simply doing a nod to the Senfield episode 'Soup nazi.' He said he is ashamed and yadda yadda.

- Shane Dawson is being dragged for a ton of shit ranging from blackface, pretending to jerk off to a poster of Willow Smith (11 years old at the time) and tons of pedophile jokes he made on his YouTube channel back in the day. He's also being accused of making the Conspiracy makeup pallet with Jeffree just for profit and never intended on doing a beauty channel like he promised.

- Shane did his notes app apology and touched on last years woes about James Charles, he started that he was only trying to "humble" James by attempting to destroy his whole career. (Haaaa okay.)

- Blair White hyped up her new two hour long video saying she was going to "expose" Jeffree Star but didn't really do anything other than admit to hearing some voice memos sent by Jeffree. It was a waste of her time to even make that video, but whatever.

- Damon Fizzy responded to Blair White's video by saying that she's engaged to a homophobic piece of garbage. He explained that while at a party Blair's boyfriend entered the room and asked her why a bunch of (redacted slur for homosexuals) were in his home. Damon provides a screen shot of Blair later apologizing to him for her boyfriend's behavior.

So, it's been a whole messy weekend on the Internet. Needless to say, I'm living for it. If there are any updates - I will alert you.
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