Sunday, November 26, 2017

Mall parking rant : y’all should let me park wherever I want because you’re lucky I showed up in the first place AND I don’t even really super wanna be here getting trampled over all day BUT HERE I AM. Y’all should get a valet for me and give me a hug and a coffee for what you’re putting me through. I had to get up even earlier to be here and the coffee line was too long so I had to skip out on it JUST because I gotta walk 900 years in the rain to get somewhere for your customers and I’m gonna SMILE AT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM ALL DAY until I gotta walk 800 years back to my car in the dead ass dark by myself in the cold. I KNOW THESE CUSTOMERS CAN WALK BECAUSE THEY RUN ME OVER WITH THEIR STROLLERS AND TRAMPLE ME AND PRETEND I DONT EXIST SO IM PRETTY DAMN SURE THEY WONT MIND WALKING A LITTLE FURTHER TO THEIR CARS.


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