Monday, January 2, 2017

After two weird trips to the ER, I used the Zoom+ Care app and texted back and fourth with a doctor who made me an emergency appointment to meet with a doctor closest to me. Not only did this doctor listen, look at my previous records and run multiple tests right on site - they had a team of doctors come up with my next steps and filled my prescription right on the spot. They did not treat me like just some young person looking for drugs, they listened and genuinely cared about my issues. They did not treat me like my issue was not an emergency, but they also made me confident it will be resolved with care. They have tons of different types of doctors all in the same buildings, they have tons of locations in and around Portland. They even set me up with a primary care and specialists for my back. You can make all of your appointments online or via the app, you can also text/FaceTime a doctor if you can not leave home. 

Amazing resource and team! If you ever need urgent care or a new primary doctor, give it a try! 

They were able to see huge things that the hospital ignored!!! If you don't feel well and know something is wrong always get a second opinion!!!!

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