Wednesday, August 19, 2015

 I know a lot of people are going to judge my recent decisions and they don’t know they truth about what was even going on in my life.

I gave someone my heart who completely took advantage of me. I truly cared about someone and they threw it all away for literally no reason. I’ve been unhappy for at least six months. It’s been a year since he cheated on me with three other girls and I tried my best to look beyond that and give the benefit of the doubt because it felt like we had this incredible friendship. I figured he was just young and scared. No, he was selfish.

For the first time in a year someone came along and made me feel like I was beautiful. He laughs at my jokes, plays games with me, calls me on the phone, sends me stupid apple watch heartbeats, we sing in the car, he asks me how my pigs are. He’s interested in learning all about me. He’s my best friend. I think about him all the time. My stupid face hurts from smiling.

So, please, judge me.

PSA- if you’re a girl and your boyfriend cheats on you… So many guys are out there. Go get an upgrade. Don’t waste your damn time. He’s already moved on, it’s your turn.
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