Thursday, June 25, 2015

 So tonight when I was picking TJ up from work on my way home from work and I was somewhat early so I decided to sit in the parking lot and wait it out. I parked and turned my car off and I was just on tumblr. Just doing my thing.

Then, these two big trucks pull up with big horse trailers on them and the guys get out. Suddenly the one screams at the other one “I’m going to fucking kill you! I’m going to fucking kill you!” Then I heard loud banging and screaming and shit. So I call the cops. Then the screaming sounded far away and the yelling got even louder “I will fuck him up worse! I’m going to fuck him up even worse! I’m going to kill him!” I was so scared. They didn’t know I was there in my car but I was the only other car in the lot. The man kept screaming and then finally the cops came. I don’t know if the one guy shot the other guy or the guy beat up the other guy or WHAT.

Anyway, I was so afraid that I almost started crying.

That happened.
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