Wednesday, June 24, 2015

 An open letter to Jake Lloyd :


I don’t personally know you, but I see the comments make about you online and I hope that you don’t think the whole world is full of assholes. Honestly, I’ve seen some of the awful things they’ve posted about you and I feel ashamed. I don’t know how you’ve gone your whole life dealing with these comments and jokes surrounding your childhood and a choice your family made for you, thinking they would better your adulthood. It’s no wonder you’ve run into some rough times.

I read on your wiki page that you’ve burned all of your star wars related swag because you felt like the film ruined your life. In a way, after looking at your various social media pages I’ve come to agree with your statement. I scrolled through pages and pages of jokes. It’s absolutely disgusting. These are the first people to turn and judge you, too. It’s amazing how humans are programed to beat down other humans that they don’t even know. Completely eye opening. What’s funny is, if you ever did take your life, they’d be the first people to mourn you on their social media pages.

I just want you to know that I see you for you and not for a role you were forced into as a child. I see a guy who loves video games, who worked hard at school. I’m not the only person who sees it. Buried beneath all of the bullshit comments are comments from real people, who see the real you, who admire you for being you. Hundreds of people flocked to your pages to post jokes, but so did hundreds of fans wishing you well. As hard as it must be to turn a blind eye to the bullshit, you have to. You just have to. For your friends, family and fans. We are here, all of us. We have been all along.

People are going to try to put a label on you, going to try to diagnose you with mental illness, but when in actuality you are a young man who dealt with bullying your entire life. Where most people stop getting bullied in college, you had to keep going through it. You get bullied on your on social media by your own “fans.” Anyone who has gone through the massive amounts of bullying would hit a wall, they’d hit it hard. As it turns out, you have to hit your wall in front of the world, in front of the people who bullied you in the past. You have the media covering it. You have it worse than a typical meltdown would.

Everything is going to be alright.

In my opinion, it would be best to close any and all social media platforms.

Get well soon.
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