May 4th 2007

Friday, May 4, 2007
I'm sitting here in a room full of people having freaky sex. Well, not really. But I have Nickki, Brandon, Mel, and Dustin over here right now. I'm here, too. But nobody's paying any attention to me. Drew didn't come tonight, and I'm fucking glad he didn't.

You see, I was at downtown seeing Spiderman 3 with everyone, the movie sucked, then we went to TooJays, and then we kinda walked around. Well, durring the movie I looked behind me, and I saw Boosh sitting 2 rows behind me. I layed down on the seat so he wouldn't see me. But it was too late.
Later on I was in Starbucks with my people, and I get this phone call, and he said "I can see you.. can you see me?", and I was just like "What the hell?" and so I walked out and looked around. I seriously couldn't see him.
Then everyone came out of Starbucks, and stood by the fountain with me. Then I looked back, and I saw him on the upper level, I wasn't sure if he saw me, but he was gone when I looked back. So, everyone wanted to walk around, and I seriously didn't want Boosh to find me, but I didn't want to ruin the time. So we kinda stood by sloans, and then I ran upstairs because I thought I saw him. I got up, and I wanted to run after him. By the time I got up to the stairs, he was gone.
Drew followed me up the stairs, but he seriously didn't give a shit about me and my issues. He just kinda walked up there to see what was going on. So, I told him not to worry, and just to go back downstairs, but he didn't.

So I felt all dumb, so we walked back down by everyone. I sat down by a fountain, and Drew sat next to me.
Out of the blue, Andrew P walks up with Stephen, and Stephen talks about how he drove a BMW to downtown.
Drew gets up and demands they go for a ride. Just willing to leave me.
Then Andrew P told Drew to "Pay attention to his Girlfriend".

I got so pissed off, because all day Drew had been hugging every girl he knew, and was telling them that he loved them.
This was ticking me off, because he hardly ever tells me he loves me, and yet he could just throw around words like that.
There's no use being a girlfriend if every girl gets the same treatment.

So I got up and ran away.
Andrew P was making me feel like shit, anyways.

So then Drew didn't even come over to see what was wrong. he was so excited about going in the car, that he left his girlfriend crying outside of downtown. Niceee.

He didn't even say goodbye to me, or anything. I was fucking pissed off.

Then I get this text saying "Are you still here?"
and I said "No. Why do you care?"
and he goes "Well, I went for a ride in the car, and I wanted to see you.."
(something along those lines)

I get totally pissed.
What the hell?
Car ride first, then someone I love comes after?
Here I know she's crying, but I need to take a ride in this car.

I was about to leave his ass. Seriously.
I was fucking ticked off.

Even though he said sorry, it took me four fucking messages to get a "sorry" from him.
Im still really angry.

This time it's not dumb.

Everytime I cry, he leaves me.
No sorry, no nothing.

I'm not being so lovey-dovey anymore.
That seriously broke my heart.
Now I'm scared to be with him, I'm so scared of what he'll make me do.

Just not fair.
I don't ask for much.

But men, when you see your girl crying -- the BMW can fucking wait.
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