March 1st 2007

Thursday, March 1, 2007
First and Foremost, this post goes out to my bitch Charlotte Church who is pregnant. Way to go! Happy 21st birthday, as well.

Well, today was a pretty shitty day. Yet again, I feel really retarded. Somehow I wonder if I am retarded, and my parents aren't telling me. I actually know a girl who dosen't know that she's retarded, and her parents don't plan on telling her. Dead serious.

Anyways, today my phone busted. My dad says he's not getting me a new one. Basicly, I'm going to use a broken screen phone until Christmas. Fuck. I really want a Blackberry, or Sidekick, but Sidekicks are for T-Moble, and I don't have TM. I have Cingular.

I'm really sick, but I keep going to school because if I stay home I won't be able to go anywhere this weekend. Then some news came out, and we all found out that Drew's going fishing on Saturday at 4am, and might not go anywhere with me on Friday. So Basicly.. I could have stayed home and avoided being called "stupid", and maybe my phone wouldn't be broken. Fuck.

Leaving me for fish?

Well.. Actually, If they had a game show called "Are you smarter than a Fish?".. I'd loose on the first question.

Blah. This sucks. Seriously.
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