March 20th 2007

Tuesday, March 20, 2007
I got such a bad sunburn yesterday, that I had to go to the doctor. 
I missed my Drew today.

Not much to say.

March 14th 2007

Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Today Drew came back, and he was a grumpy shit bag because he didn't get much sleep, or whatever. So he slept all durring second hour, hardly talked at lunch, and didn't even say goodbye when he left the bus loop.

It really felt like he wasn't at school at all, if you know what I mean. He didn't have that "spark" that he normally has. I hope that he was just tired, and will be back to normal.

Today I recorded my new song "When Your Eyes Say It", it's by Britney Spears, and it's a very slow, but nice song. I think everyone will like it.

We also did a funny remix, and I thought that was fun because my voice sounds so funny in it! We made it sound like Gir from "Invader Zim". It's a really funny thing, so you should listen to it, if you need a good laugh

March 12th 2007

Monday, March 12, 2007
I was watching TV, and as some of you know, I have a "glass house".
(Also known as, lots of screen doors.)
And I looked out, and I saw a few dogs just sitting around, and I thought
"Oh, that's cute. They're on a walk."
One was a mix breed, one was a Pit Bull.
I didn't think much of it.

Then I saw the cute little papillon
(The one who got penny preggers)
walk across the lawn.

Yet again, didn't think anything of it.

Then I heard my dog whine and start barking, so I looked up to see
penny pushing her way out of the screen door. So I just let her go,
and I watched her as she walked up.

All of a sudden the pit bull takes the papillon in it's mouth by the neck,
and the mixed dog grabs it's feet.

I ran outside as fast as I could, screaming, and barking.

The two dogs wouldn't let go of the papillon!
So I kept running after my dumb dog who was walking right up to the TWO DOGS EATING THE PAPILLON!

So my barking finally scared the other two dogs, and they put the little papillon down. So I grabbed my dog, and the papillon and ran towards my house.

I was screaming, and my dad ran out with this HUGE knife. The two dogs ran, and I took the papillon home. It was bleeding pretty bad.

My dog is just fine, but she got a HUGE yelling at for running to her death, and endangering me.


In less amazing news, I had a day without Drew! He's in Orlando for Culinary. Today was a "free day", and they went to animal kingdom. To be honest, I missed his "Look, I can see my hair!", "Look at my white legs, I need a tan!" and "I'm fat" speaches. I really shouldn't complain about him. He really makes my day!

I hope these next 2 days go by fast!! I miss him so much, that I actually played in gym today!!

March 10th 2007

Saturday, March 10, 2007
Everyone's been ditching me today.

Today was fitness day with chance, and he said he was coming over, and I said to meet me at 11:15, but when 11:15 came around, he didn't come.. so I thought /maybe/ he thought that I said 12:15, so I waited, and then 12:15 came, and he still didn't show up.

So then I thought, oh thats okay, I have plans for tonight. It will all be awesome! Then I went to see what my parents were doing, and they HAD ALREADY LEFT. With out telling me... 

So I went and I worked on my bike for awhile, and then I went for a bike ride. I almost killed myself doing it, too. I haven't been on a bike in awhile, and I kinda pushed myself to the limit... okay, maybe to the point of getting to my house and totally passing out in the driveway.

I was planning on going Bowling with some friends, but they changed dinner plans and stuff, but the place they want to eat is too far from the bowling alley, meaning someone would have to drive me to the bowling alley, and I don't feel safe with that. So I can't go to dinner.
Then my boyfriend said he'd go bowling with me, and so I was all happy, but then he said he couldn't go.

So now I can't go because by the time my friends got to the bowling alley it will be ten, and I have be HOME by ten.
So my day is ruined.

March 1st 2007

Thursday, March 1, 2007
First and Foremost, this post goes out to my bitch Charlotte Church who is pregnant. Way to go! Happy 21st birthday, as well.

Well, today was a pretty shitty day. Yet again, I feel really retarded. Somehow I wonder if I am retarded, and my parents aren't telling me. I actually know a girl who dosen't know that she's retarded, and her parents don't plan on telling her. Dead serious.

Anyways, today my phone busted. My dad says he's not getting me a new one. Basicly, I'm going to use a broken screen phone until Christmas. Fuck. I really want a Blackberry, or Sidekick, but Sidekicks are for T-Moble, and I don't have TM. I have Cingular.

I'm really sick, but I keep going to school because if I stay home I won't be able to go anywhere this weekend. Then some news came out, and we all found out that Drew's going fishing on Saturday at 4am, and might not go anywhere with me on Friday. So Basicly.. I could have stayed home and avoided being called "stupid", and maybe my phone wouldn't be broken. Fuck.

Leaving me for fish?

Well.. Actually, If they had a game show called "Are you smarter than a Fish?".. I'd loose on the first question.

Blah. This sucks. Seriously.