February 6th 2007

Tuesday, February 6, 2007
Today I had to take the FCAT. My Prompt for writing was "What are good Work Habits". To tell you the truth, I'm really bad at work, so I really don't have any good habits. Infact, someone should have been telling me some good work advice! But I worked really hard, and I think I did really well.

Drew accidently broke his phone! So now he doesnt have one! Meaning no more text messages. I hope he can get another one. Im going to miss the stupid little texts I get.

After that I got to go to Coach's class, and we didn't really do anything in there, so it was off to lunch! At lunch I sat with my normal crew, and we talked and crap. And then I went and finished school.

After school Drew waited for the bus with me, and we had fun talking to everyone. =) Then my bus came, and that was it.

He had to do something after school, for one of his classes, so he got to stay until the bus came! That was really nice.
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