February 14th 2007

Wednesday, February 14, 2007
My voice teacher has downgraded me.

I was ment to do a song called "The Prayer", by Charlotte Church.
Well, He didn't really help me learn it, or try to help me with the
Italian, it was these words i didnt know, and I needed him to help.
But he changed the song :(

Now I have to sing a dumb song that everyone else sings. F--k.
Norah Jones?

No. I don't have a LOW voice. I have a HIGH voice. So I'm going
to struggle with the song. Sound like and idiot. And most people
sing the god damn thing anyways.

I never even liked f--king Norah Jones. So now I'm upset. I went
from being the best singer in his teachings, to Norah Jones.
Norah -I have boogers up my nose and can't sing very well- Jones.


Anyways, back to the Valentines shit. Last night I stayed up untill 11pm talking with Brandon on the phone. It was actually pretty nice. So I filled out all of my Valentines, and made a huge cake, and it fell on the floor... ANYWAYS.

So Andrew P called me, and he told me about what he was going to do for Mackenzie, and he needed some help getting times & stuff for when she's going to be home & crap like that. So I helped him with that.
Then I went to sleep, and then I had to get up at that AWFUL hour!

So I woke up and got ready boring boring boring boringgg.

Okay, so then I got to school and Drew came and gave me a Balloon & a Pretty flower! That was so nice of him. Then I gave him his Cupcakes, and then the bell rang. So in first hour I had a test :(
Then 2nd hour came, and Drew, Brandon, Alexis, & I talked for awhile, then Brandon went to play basket ball.
Then the bell rang for thhaaat.

Then uhm hmm.

Then Coach Andersen told the whole class that he saw me & drew together in the hall, and that we made a cute couple. I wanted to slap his white-man face. Then the whole class "AWWWW"ed. Jesus christ. Have you ever seen PEOPLE before?

Why the fuck does everyone "AWWW"? Grow the fuck up.

Then at lunch I gave Drew his BIG present. It was a Louis Vuitton cream leather thing that goes around your wrist. It wasn't his size, and I felt so dumb. But he took it anyways. Afterschool he told me that people in his 6th hour thought it looked gay.
....great. $150 or so down the toilet.

Then I got to the Bus after school, and it came a little later! Yay! I didn't like it being early because I couldn't be with Drew as much. But yeah. Anyways, so I was on the bus, and the bus driver popped my balloon. :( So that was that!

Then I went home and talked to Kenzie on the phone, and Andrew P on AIM, and Brandon too. But Brandon had to go to some school shit, so no 4 hour convos tonight!

And then I had to go to Voice lessons, and that brings us right back to our first comments on this post.
If you forgot what they were, it involved me shoving a tampon up my nose to get that ugly Norah Jones sound.

Nighty night
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