February 10th 2007

Saturday, February 10, 2007
First off, I got to drive ALL THE WAY to the movies this time!

Well last night we went to the movies, and Chinese food. I got there a little early, and I went into Bealls or whatever, and I was looking at some REALLY ugly clothes, and I was on the phone with Wallace at the same time, and we kept talking about doing hair, and really ugly clothes. Then my phone beeped, and I got a text about how Drew was at the Chinese place. So I went over there, and I met up with him.
So then we sat down, and then Brandon got there, and then Kenzie got there. So we ordered. I had Sweet and Sour chicken, and it was a full dinner, so that was awesome. Everyone was being a total big, and I don't like that because I've always been so proper! But after awhile I began acting like a REALLY big pig! It was almost gross! I kept talking with my mouth full, and I was eating rice with no fork... Gross.
Anyways, after that we walked down to the movies, it was almost 8, and we got tickets to "Dreamgirls", and then we went into that "Hanabal Rising" movie. We watched it for an hour, that is, before I passed out. Something in the movie was bothering me? I'm not sure what caused it. All I know is that I woke up, and my head was on Drew's shoulder, and then I got up, and I started to run out of the theater. Kenzie followed me, and saw me fall down in the hallway. After awhile I was just fine.

So we left the movie, and I started feeling back to normal, and so we all sat down in the grass and started laughing and talking and stuff. It was WAY to much fun! We should have just done that all night! Sadly, my mom came, and I had to leave.
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