January 3rd 2007

Wednesday, January 3, 2007
Went to see the new Rocky movie with my dad -

The movie is actually very very sad! He's basicly alone. He's a has-been trying to make it in the world. His wife is dead, and his child is way to busy to hang out with him. He spends his days at his wife's grave, or talking to people at the resturaunt he owns.
He meets up with an old friend who works at a bar, and talks to her. He meets her son "Steps", and gives him a job at the resturaunt. Later, he gives his Lady-Friend a job at the resturaunt, as well!
Anyways, Rocky sees an animated fight of Him Vrs. Mase (A Modern Day Boxer), and the men on the TV show say that Rocky could never beat mase.
So Rocky starts training, and his kid comes and helps, and he gets a dog named "Punchie" (and everyone thinks Punchie is an ugly dog -- but in the end Punchie turns out to be just as amazing as anyone else)

Anyways, Rocky kicks Mase's ass.
The end.
I just saved you $7.29, and a box of tissues.

If you need a feel good movie, see this one.
Over all, I give it a 8.
It made me feel good, and bad at the same time.

In the end -- I wanted Rocky to be my gandpa.
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