January 30th 2007

Tuesday, January 30, 2007
My ears were bleeding.

(No! I wasn't listening to Lindsay Lohan again!)

I stayed home from school today, I could hardly sleep last night. My nose was stuffy, and my teeth were hurting me. My mom says that's because your Syneses run through your gums? Well, it hurt so much. My stupid teeth, and jaw hurt so much last night! I seriously doubt Im going to school tomorrow. I really do want to go! Drew was by himself today, and i don't want him to be alone. (And the fact that I totally missed him today doesn't make it any better.)

But I can't see me getting up at 5:45am and getting on a bus with my sneezing, coughing, barfing, ect. I couldn't act "okay" for 7 hours. I hate being sick. Seriously.

Love to You all.
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