January 19th 2007

Friday, January 19, 2007
Today at school there was a pep rally, but I didn't go.
So much for school.

Tonight Me, Drew, Mack, and Brandon went to see a movie! So we get into the movie and we sit down, nobody else is in there but us. Mack wants to leave because the movie is way to scary for her, so her and Brandon go to see "Stomp the Yard".

Drew and I stayed and watched the movie, it was so fucking scary. Drew was scared way more than me, but I was pretty scared. At first I was just like "Ohh this movie is gayy", then the scary scenes came up, and I kept screaming, and he kept grabbing my hand.
I swear, my hand feels like it's going to fall off! I kept squeezing his hand.

Then Andrew P came and scared the shit out of me, and then they left again, only Brandon decided to stay and see the movie with us. But he wasn't scared. I was fucking scared.

Then the movie ended and my mom was outside the movie, and I had to leave. :(

Then I was in the car and Mack tried to call me, but I couldn't answer because I was in the car with my mom, so I ignored it. Then Drew texted me and asked me why I didn't pick up, and I asked him just to ask her what she was calling for, and he texted back "She wants to know what we were doing in the theater", and so I texted him and said "Haha who cares. I mean it was nothing! I mean were not even going out" and then he goes "We could be".

And now I have a new boyfriend.
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