January 18th 2007

Thursday, January 18, 2007
Last night Drew & I were IMing each other, and I got to know him better. I think it's great how he can talk to me about things. He's really a great person, but he doesn't see it! I really don't get why he doesn't think of himself as amazing. He complains about being fat, and he's not. I don't think it's fat. I think it's more cuddly, it's not fat. He is the most huggable person ever. So he needs to shut up about being fat. But I think it's nice to learn more about him. He's actually a really intresting person. He had me guess three things about him -- but I can't get the third! He says I "Never Will"! Well! That makes me want to knowww!

Tomorrow is the pep rally! But I don't have the ticket. I dont know if Drew does or not. But that means tomorrow Gym is going to be longer! But I'm happy with that, it could be a worse class.

Today at lunch I ate food. Yay.
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