January 17th 2007

Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Well, maybe I lied. Today it was raining, but to me it was sunny. I mean, I was so sad last night. Now I'm all happy again.

Today started off pretty fun. Me & Drew went to lock out, and Tony was there. We kept laughing about it. I mean it was the first time I've been in lockout on purpose. But really, it counts as a first class.

Then we went to gym and we didn't do anything in that class. We sat there and talked and stuff. That was pretty fun. But tomorrow we're going to participate because I said so. No more slacking off!

Then at lunch we had to sit under the overhang because it was raining. Then it stopped, and we went to stand with everyone, and that was pretty cool. Then it started raining again. Haha! Just because we were out there, no doubt!

Then school was out, and the bus ACTUALLY CAME ON TIME!

Then I came home and blahblah.

My mom and dad heard about how sad I was last night, and so they got me a little "cheer me up". Two new Juicy Couture track suits! One is blue, and one is pink. I was SHOCKED! I never ever would have asked for that. I mean. I was depressed about nothing, and FOR nothing. Because everything today was fine. But I was like AH YAY! Now I have four Juicy suits. I have a light pink one with butterflies, a black one, a pink one, and the teal! That's awesome!

Love to all!
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