January 13th 2007

Saturday, January 13, 2007
Well, I know I've said it before, but this is the real one. THE BEST DAY EVER. (Well, Best night before & Day)

So today we went to the fair. It was so much funn! I got there an hour before everyone else did, so I hung out with Cee & Chance. That was fun. I went on 3 Rides with them, and then Drew called and told me to meet them at the front. So I ran up to them and stuff. Then we were there, and we went to find tickets, and we went on a fast ride. Then after that one we went on this hella cool ride that I really wanted to go on, and it was like hella scary. Seriously. I almost died. Then we got off and we went on another fast ride, and me & Mack were screaming so freaking loud that my head seriously hurt.

Then we went on another ride and its the one where you sit on the chair swing and it spins. That was the funnest because we kept kicking everyone's chair. hahaa.

Then we went on this "Magnum" Ride or something, and it spins your chair thing back and fourth. So me and Drew were sitting together, and like the ride made it like you were going to hit the ground, and I was screaming so hard. Then my hair got caught to the stupid bar that holds you in, and it ripped this HUGE chunk off. So I started to freak out because the stupid thing kept ripping my hair out, and whenever it would tilt back, my hair would pull.

Then we got off, and I seriously was going to faint. I know myself. So I was kind of scared that I would faint and make a fool of myself infront of everyone. So we went to see some horses (Im scared of those), and so I sat down and acted like I was doing my makeup instead of crying about almost fainting, I seriously felt icky. Then I called my mom, and my mom freaked out. She was going to come get me, but I was a big girl and I kept going.

Then we went on this crazy Skyline ride, and it got stuck. I thought we were going to die. The whole ride just haulted. For like 2 whole songs. Haha. But the weird thing was, we were stuck right on the thing that moves the ride. Mack and I were like yellling songs to stop thinking about it. I was so scared.

Then the boys wanted to go on this ride that drops you down really fast. That was one ride I would not go on. But they did. It only had a 3 second drop. So big deal. But they make you stay up there. It was so funny because Brandon was making his feet move, and you could see him kicking even when he was WAY up in the air. So funny.

Then we went on a Ferris Wheel, and yet again, I freaked out because it was so freaking high. Then it stopped when we were at the top, and I got scared, and I thought we were going to die (again). But we didn't. But when we were up stuck at the highest part, Mack started to sing "Jesus Loves Me". Hahaaa.

Then we ran out of money after we got our faces panted, and yeah.

Then we went to see this funny play (for free), and it was about Romeo and Juliet, and the man would use people in the audiance for the show. So Drew got picked. It was so funny! Seriously. The whole "Pretend to Die" thing, was so funny.

Then we went into the expo center and sat around on the couch and stuff, and played Phone.
and then my mom was late picking me up, and I saw Katie! I was like oh my goodness! I haven't seen her in forever. We kept laughing and talking. Man I miss that girl.

& not to mention that..

Last night we went bowling. I met up with Drew, and Brandon at Jupiter Lanes. We chatted for a bit, and we had to wait for Mack to come, so we played DDR, that was cool! But then Drew got addicted and couldn't stop. It was so funny.

Then Mack came and we started to Bowl. I had to wear bowling shoes with no socks! Gross! But you know, it was fine. Then we made the bowling thing say "BITCH", and we bowled.

And then Andrew P came, and he didn't want to Bowl. So they went to play pool (him and his friend), so we threw the game and went to the pool table thing and we hung out.

Then we got kicked out and we were talking in the parking lot, and stuff. Then my mom came.

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