January 12th 2007

Friday, January 12, 2007
Tonight was our first bowling night! That's right. Friday is for bowling. I say so.

So, I met up with Drew and Brandon, and we had to wait for Kenzie to come. So we were playing DDR, Basketball, and all the games in the arcade. Then Kenzie showed up, and we started bowling. I was kind of sad because I had to give the owners one of my shoes (so that I can use bowling shoes), I missed my pretty shoes.

So I got fries for everyone, and Brandon took the ketchup and put it all over Drew's nose! So funny! So when Drew went to go wipe the keitchup off of him, I sat next to brandon and put ketchup all over him.

It was hella funny.

Then Andrew came and he brought a friend with him, and they were bragging! I was kind of angry that Andrew would act like that. I mean, he was so nice when I met him with Drew at the movies. But they didn't want to bowl with us, so they went to play pool.

So we went to play pool. But me and Drew kinda sat there, watching. Haha. We must have laughed like 400 freaking times.

Then I played pinball, and I had fun with that.

and now I dont feel like talking right now.
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