January 31st 2007

Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Tomorrow I should be going to school again! Thank god Im feeling better. This cold was like the wost one ever.

My headphones for my phone died, so now I'm going to have to ask my mom for my ipod back. That sounds
awful for me to say, but she never uses it, and I'm going to give it back to her as soon as my new headphones

My friend's Nana has a Cherry Speedy 25, and she's willing to sell it to me for $1,500. She's never used it! So
I'm pretty happy about that. I've been looking for one for awhile. My MC Speedy should be coming home from
LV Italy, it had to go in for repairs. One of the gold things fell off, and I started to cry... Dramatic.

January 30th 2007

Tuesday, January 30, 2007
My ears were bleeding.

(No! I wasn't listening to Lindsay Lohan again!)

I stayed home from school today, I could hardly sleep last night. My nose was stuffy, and my teeth were hurting me. My mom says that's because your Syneses run through your gums? Well, it hurt so much. My stupid teeth, and jaw hurt so much last night! I seriously doubt Im going to school tomorrow. I really do want to go! Drew was by himself today, and i don't want him to be alone. (And the fact that I totally missed him today doesn't make it any better.)

But I can't see me getting up at 5:45am and getting on a bus with my sneezing, coughing, barfing, ect. I couldn't act "okay" for 7 hours. I hate being sick. Seriously.

Love to You all.

January 29th 2007

Monday, January 29, 2007
I have such a bad headcold today. My nose is stuffy, and my face is swolen :(
I guess it's because it's been colder this week?
I'm sad because I can't go to school!

I'm only saying that because I wont get to see Drew.
I don't want to make him go to gym by himself, or have to eat lunch with birdboy alone :(
My throat is so sore, and I wouldn't want him to get sick!
I can't even talk. It's awful!

I'm about to go to bed, and it's only nine.
But Im feeling so shitty.


January 28th 2007

Sunday, January 28, 2007
So today was SUPER slow. Church was boring, as always. As you know, we're back to being Catholic.

I had nothing to do all day, even though I was aloud to drive. Driving is hella fun. But I drove home from church,
then I drove to get some coffee, but that was it.

Then I went home and made Cake & Cupcakes with Sierra & Chance. Then we wrote some new songs for "Cereal".
Listen Here. They're pretty funny.

Then later tonight I got bored and started to pen some new songs.
There's one I really like, and it's called "Postman", or whatever.
For the lack of a better name..

His hair was so blonde,
Taught me how to hold on.
Big blue eyes, that hid all those lies.
Went behind my back, wouldn't cut no slack.
Not anymore.

So I took all the love letters, wrote down "Please return to sender".
I don't want those anymore.
I'm doing so much better,
so keep your feelings to your self.
Please Mr.Post man, take them away. Because my heart he will always stay -- away.

It's been some months, is she not that fun?
Shouldn't have done that, anyway.
You're just trying to take me away.
See, you really like to see me down -- is it something bout my froun?
What do you want from me?

So I took all the love letters, wrote down "Please return to sender".
I don't want those anymore.
I'm doing so much better,
so keep your feelings to your self.
Please Mr.Post man, take them away. Because my heart he will always stay -- away.

What part of leave me alone don't you understand?
You had the chance to take my hand.

Hey Mr.Postman.
Hey hey Mr.Postman.
Take them, take them away.

I was reading the Superficial, and I came across THIS post.

"In 2005, Paris Hilton failed to make several $208 payments on a storage facility that was subsequently seized."

Holy shit. Paris Hilton is totally busted. I always knew she did crack, but this?! Wow.
What a walking herpes factory! Jesus Christ!

Billy Gilman finally got some shows. I was begining to think he was dead.

A Musical Night of Songs
April 21st, 2007

Ride For Life
May 5th, 2007

Mohegan Sun Casino
May 9th, 2007

Mohegan Sun Casino
May 10th, 2007

I won't be attending any of those. Just to let the world know.

Love to All.

January 26th 2007

Friday, January 26, 2007
Well! Tonight was the big night!

D&ME on our first (I guess you could call it a) date. We went to Chilli's first, and he was really hyper, and so was Brandon. Brandon told the waiter that it was Drew's birthday, and we got a free cake.

Then we ate at stuff, and then we went to see our movie.

The Hitcher.
Not very good. I mean, I like really bloody shit. If you want bloody shit -- this is like nothing. :(
But Drew thought it was mighty scary, he screamed twice. Too cuteee.

Then after that we went and walked around, and Brandon kept telling Drew to kiss me. (He never did, by the way.)
He said he'd do it in the grass, and so we went to the grass, but he didn't do it.

Mack didn't come, she was off doing something? Or she wasn't aloud to go. But she kept calling and stuff.

I learned that she set up the whole "Im scared, Im going to see stomp the yard" crap. That kind of set me off. But you know, whatever.

I don't think I can go to Drew's party tomorrow night. My mom will NEVER trust me out that late at some guy's house. Damn it. Sadly, I don't think I can go :(

Love to all!

January 25th 2007

Thursday, January 25, 2007
Today was nice. It was a half day, and it was really fun.

But uhm.
Tonight I kinda learned something that sorta, well, I dont know what to think. A source told me that Drew has been saying things about me. Things like, how I would ruin his rep if he went out with me. It hurts me a lot, because when he's with me, he acts like he loves me... but inside he's worried about me killing his rep?

Sadly, this isnt the first time I've heard this rumor. So it just might be true. I should talk to him about it, but I don't want to cause drama.

Tomorrow is our first night out together. =/

But I think I figured out why he won't hold my hand when we walk...

January 23rd 2007

Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Today we went to the mall to pick up my shoes, because I wanted them. So yeah. They are the most amazing shoes in all the landdd.

They're Louis Vuitton, and they are silver Mirror shoes. They cost a pretty penny, but I'm in shoe heaven with them.

Then we went to Chilli's and ate food.
The end.

January 24th 2007

Friday, January 19, 2007
No word on our FHR radio show yet. Hopefully it will come around. We have to pick a date to do it, and blahblah.

And quote from Brooke "no.. gah. Driving me insane. And when I try to talk to him.. he's like getting ready for bed .And he uses the excuse that I need to gett on earlier."

There's a half day tomorrow, and so that's going to be nice. I still have to make brownies.. I mean I got the box out, but my dad got home so I had to help him in and stuff. Then my mom brought in KFC, and we ate that.

Okay! Last week I was wrong when I said Drew's dad's Birthday was on Saturday. That is THIS Saturday. I got my car back, so I'll drive there. (Try not to crash into anything.. uhm... ew)

Getting used to the turnpike again will be extremeee, people should be scared for their lives. Seriously. I'm going to be a hella bad driver, since I haven't driven in months :(

Anyways, I tried to watch that CMT award show thing with Billy Gilman in it, and it didn't work. So I had to ask anyone if they had screenshots, and low-and-behold Billy is wearing that same stupid jacket and shirt! If he has enough money to buy tourbuses for everyone in the parking lot -- im sure he can buy some new clothes.

School is getting pretty lame. I seriously think that it gets slower everyday. I hate school. Seriously. I don't even know why we have school. We shouldn't. Nobody learns shit. I have some really dumb teachers. I hate them. They're lame. ENOUGH with the rant!

Where are those girlscouts? Im looking for cookies. HERE LITTLE GIRL SCOUTS! HERE!

Love to all.

January 19th 2007

Today at school there was a pep rally, but I didn't go.
So much for school.

Tonight Me, Drew, Mack, and Brandon went to see a movie! So we get into the movie and we sit down, nobody else is in there but us. Mack wants to leave because the movie is way to scary for her, so her and Brandon go to see "Stomp the Yard".

Drew and I stayed and watched the movie, it was so fucking scary. Drew was scared way more than me, but I was pretty scared. At first I was just like "Ohh this movie is gayy", then the scary scenes came up, and I kept screaming, and he kept grabbing my hand.
I swear, my hand feels like it's going to fall off! I kept squeezing his hand.

Then Andrew P came and scared the shit out of me, and then they left again, only Brandon decided to stay and see the movie with us. But he wasn't scared. I was fucking scared.

Then the movie ended and my mom was outside the movie, and I had to leave. :(

Then I was in the car and Mack tried to call me, but I couldn't answer because I was in the car with my mom, so I ignored it. Then Drew texted me and asked me why I didn't pick up, and I asked him just to ask her what she was calling for, and he texted back "She wants to know what we were doing in the theater", and so I texted him and said "Haha who cares. I mean it was nothing! I mean were not even going out" and then he goes "We could be".

And now I have a new boyfriend.

January 18th 2007

Thursday, January 18, 2007
Last night Drew & I were IMing each other, and I got to know him better. I think it's great how he can talk to me about things. He's really a great person, but he doesn't see it! I really don't get why he doesn't think of himself as amazing. He complains about being fat, and he's not. I don't think it's fat. I think it's more cuddly, it's not fat. He is the most huggable person ever. So he needs to shut up about being fat. But I think it's nice to learn more about him. He's actually a really intresting person. He had me guess three things about him -- but I can't get the third! He says I "Never Will"! Well! That makes me want to knowww!

Tomorrow is the pep rally! But I don't have the ticket. I dont know if Drew does or not. But that means tomorrow Gym is going to be longer! But I'm happy with that, it could be a worse class.

Today at lunch I ate food. Yay.

January 17th 2007

Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Well, maybe I lied. Today it was raining, but to me it was sunny. I mean, I was so sad last night. Now I'm all happy again.

Today started off pretty fun. Me & Drew went to lock out, and Tony was there. We kept laughing about it. I mean it was the first time I've been in lockout on purpose. But really, it counts as a first class.

Then we went to gym and we didn't do anything in that class. We sat there and talked and stuff. That was pretty fun. But tomorrow we're going to participate because I said so. No more slacking off!

Then at lunch we had to sit under the overhang because it was raining. Then it stopped, and we went to stand with everyone, and that was pretty cool. Then it started raining again. Haha! Just because we were out there, no doubt!

Then school was out, and the bus ACTUALLY CAME ON TIME!

Then I came home and blahblah.

My mom and dad heard about how sad I was last night, and so they got me a little "cheer me up". Two new Juicy Couture track suits! One is blue, and one is pink. I was SHOCKED! I never ever would have asked for that. I mean. I was depressed about nothing, and FOR nothing. Because everything today was fine. But I was like AH YAY! Now I have four Juicy suits. I have a light pink one with butterflies, a black one, a pink one, and the teal! That's awesome!

Love to all!

January 16th 2007

Tuesday, January 16, 2007
So I just had the most emo night.
(Well, not really. The Wallace thing was way worse.)
But this was pretty bad.
I'm never falling for anyone ever again. Ever.

January 15th 2007

Monday, January 15, 2007
Today I went to the beach with Brandon & Mack. We had such an amazing time. I was an hour late, and Brandon got there on time. My dad kept pulling over to go somewhere. Took me awhile to get there.

Then once I got there Brandon & I had to find Mack. Then we found her, and we went onto the beach and we made friends with tons of seagulls. We kept throwing chips at them, and we were having such a great time. Then they started to surround us! They started to squeel at us, and were being mean to us! Stupid Gulls!

Then we got up and walked around, looking for food. But the resturaunt closed like 4 mins before we got there. But we got ice cream, and I got a water. Then we went back on the beach, and I gave the rest of the chips to the birds.

Then we watched some old dudes play botchee ball.


January 14th 2007

Sunday, January 14, 2007
So today my parents and I went to Chillis, and I had a big burger. That was sooo good.
Then we went to the boca mall, and it we went into all the stores, so that was cool. Then we went home.
That was it. =)

The end.

January 13th 2007

Saturday, January 13, 2007
Well, I know I've said it before, but this is the real one. THE BEST DAY EVER. (Well, Best night before & Day)

So today we went to the fair. It was so much funn! I got there an hour before everyone else did, so I hung out with Cee & Chance. That was fun. I went on 3 Rides with them, and then Drew called and told me to meet them at the front. So I ran up to them and stuff. Then we were there, and we went to find tickets, and we went on a fast ride. Then after that one we went on this hella cool ride that I really wanted to go on, and it was like hella scary. Seriously. I almost died. Then we got off and we went on another fast ride, and me & Mack were screaming so freaking loud that my head seriously hurt.

Then we went on another ride and its the one where you sit on the chair swing and it spins. That was the funnest because we kept kicking everyone's chair. hahaa.

Then we went on this "Magnum" Ride or something, and it spins your chair thing back and fourth. So me and Drew were sitting together, and like the ride made it like you were going to hit the ground, and I was screaming so hard. Then my hair got caught to the stupid bar that holds you in, and it ripped this HUGE chunk off. So I started to freak out because the stupid thing kept ripping my hair out, and whenever it would tilt back, my hair would pull.

Then we got off, and I seriously was going to faint. I know myself. So I was kind of scared that I would faint and make a fool of myself infront of everyone. So we went to see some horses (Im scared of those), and so I sat down and acted like I was doing my makeup instead of crying about almost fainting, I seriously felt icky. Then I called my mom, and my mom freaked out. She was going to come get me, but I was a big girl and I kept going.

Then we went on this crazy Skyline ride, and it got stuck. I thought we were going to die. The whole ride just haulted. For like 2 whole songs. Haha. But the weird thing was, we were stuck right on the thing that moves the ride. Mack and I were like yellling songs to stop thinking about it. I was so scared.

Then the boys wanted to go on this ride that drops you down really fast. That was one ride I would not go on. But they did. It only had a 3 second drop. So big deal. But they make you stay up there. It was so funny because Brandon was making his feet move, and you could see him kicking even when he was WAY up in the air. So funny.

Then we went on a Ferris Wheel, and yet again, I freaked out because it was so freaking high. Then it stopped when we were at the top, and I got scared, and I thought we were going to die (again). But we didn't. But when we were up stuck at the highest part, Mack started to sing "Jesus Loves Me". Hahaaa.

Then we ran out of money after we got our faces panted, and yeah.

Then we went to see this funny play (for free), and it was about Romeo and Juliet, and the man would use people in the audiance for the show. So Drew got picked. It was so funny! Seriously. The whole "Pretend to Die" thing, was so funny.

Then we went into the expo center and sat around on the couch and stuff, and played Phone.
and then my mom was late picking me up, and I saw Katie! I was like oh my goodness! I haven't seen her in forever. We kept laughing and talking. Man I miss that girl.

& not to mention that..

Last night we went bowling. I met up with Drew, and Brandon at Jupiter Lanes. We chatted for a bit, and we had to wait for Mack to come, so we played DDR, that was cool! But then Drew got addicted and couldn't stop. It was so funny.

Then Mack came and we started to Bowl. I had to wear bowling shoes with no socks! Gross! But you know, it was fine. Then we made the bowling thing say "BITCH", and we bowled.

And then Andrew P came, and he didn't want to Bowl. So they went to play pool (him and his friend), so we threw the game and went to the pool table thing and we hung out.

Then we got kicked out and we were talking in the parking lot, and stuff. Then my mom came.


January 12th 2007

Friday, January 12, 2007
Tonight was our first bowling night! That's right. Friday is for bowling. I say so.

So, I met up with Drew and Brandon, and we had to wait for Kenzie to come. So we were playing DDR, Basketball, and all the games in the arcade. Then Kenzie showed up, and we started bowling. I was kind of sad because I had to give the owners one of my shoes (so that I can use bowling shoes), I missed my pretty shoes.

So I got fries for everyone, and Brandon took the ketchup and put it all over Drew's nose! So funny! So when Drew went to go wipe the keitchup off of him, I sat next to brandon and put ketchup all over him.

It was hella funny.

Then Andrew came and he brought a friend with him, and they were bragging! I was kind of angry that Andrew would act like that. I mean, he was so nice when I met him with Drew at the movies. But they didn't want to bowl with us, so they went to play pool.

So we went to play pool. But me and Drew kinda sat there, watching. Haha. We must have laughed like 400 freaking times.

Then I played pinball, and I had fun with that.

and now I dont feel like talking right now.
Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Chorus Banquet 2007

January 8th 2007

Monday, January 8, 2007
You say I can't do it now. But I've Already done it.

So today I went out with my new friends. I love hanging with them. I love the fact that people are starting to get over my mistakes, and they want me in their groups. So Drew, Andrew, Mack, and Brandon and I went to eat, and then we went through stores. Drew is so funny. He has to be the best out of all of my new friends. We went into Urban Outfiters, and we were looking at all these books -- and there was one called "365 Sex Positions", HE BOUGHT THE BOOK.

We were laughing when we got to the register. My god. It was hella funny.
But my mom came early, and I didn't get to see the movie. Who cares. Another Movie?

Don't see code name the cleaner. It sucked so bad. For real people. That was crappy.

We also saw Blood Diamond, and that was amazing. It had such a big impact on me, and I really don't want real diamonds ever again.

I have to go to school tomorrow, and I really don't want to. I hate school. But Ill be with Drew, and that's all that counts.

I have a brand new song. I did it with out background music, and I come in really loud, so don't freak out.
The song was first done by Kaci Brown, she was high on the radio disney charts, and now she's dating aaron carter.
The song is called Unbelievable, and you can See her Myspace!

Hear Mine. I skipped the first part, and yeah.

Love to all!

January 4th 2007

Thursday, January 4, 2007
Today we went to Costco, and that was hella cool. I like how they hand out the free food. So good. So I got some Muffins, and they are amazing! Poppy seeds, Cocoa, and Blueberry. Yummy!

Last night Me, Brooke, Michael, and J were on FHRradio fooling around. I have to get the audio! I know John E recorded it, but I haven't seen him in the chat today. I'd like to hear our silly show we put on. It was crazy. We played "Guess the Song", and "Sing Along".

I also recorded some songs yesterday pieces of "Tear Drops On My Guitar" by Taylor Swift, and today I did "Turn you On" by Paris Hilton. I did the second song as a joke. Hear Them Both!
I think the Paris one came out WAY better, and I wasn't even trying. LMAO.

Did you know you can add 300 pictures to your myspace now? What's up with that? I mean, I wanted more pictures -- but having to comment someones 200 or so pictures will drive me nuts.

January 3rd 2007

Wednesday, January 3, 2007
Went to see the new Rocky movie with my dad -

The movie is actually very very sad! He's basicly alone. He's a has-been trying to make it in the world. His wife is dead, and his child is way to busy to hang out with him. He spends his days at his wife's grave, or talking to people at the resturaunt he owns.
He meets up with an old friend who works at a bar, and talks to her. He meets her son "Steps", and gives him a job at the resturaunt. Later, he gives his Lady-Friend a job at the resturaunt, as well!
Anyways, Rocky sees an animated fight of Him Vrs. Mase (A Modern Day Boxer), and the men on the TV show say that Rocky could never beat mase.
So Rocky starts training, and his kid comes and helps, and he gets a dog named "Punchie" (and everyone thinks Punchie is an ugly dog -- but in the end Punchie turns out to be just as amazing as anyone else)

Anyways, Rocky kicks Mase's ass.
The end.
I just saved you $7.29, and a box of tissues.

If you need a feel good movie, see this one.
Over all, I give it a 8.
It made me feel good, and bad at the same time.

In the end -- I wanted Rocky to be my gandpa.