December 30th 2006

Saturday, December 30, 2006
So today we all went to Tj Maxx, and I couldn't find anything good in there. So then we went to CVS to go get my dad some of his pills or whatever, and so we waited for them to fill the thing and then....

Okay I know you don't wanna read about this boring crap.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve! My friend Drew invited me to his party, and I'm not sure if I can go. I'd love to go. I've never been asked to a real party before.. most of the time I just go to one, or host one myself. So basicly I can't be a bossy person (or be accused of being Bossy. Is telling someone to put a napkin under their drink really bossy?) and that's a good thing.

My older sister got her purse in the mail today! I was so excited to see how happy she was. God knows my family has been raising money for this christmas all year. Anyways, she got the white padded chanel, to match my mom. So she gets it, and calls us up and goes "THIS IS THE BEST FAKE I EVER SAW!!" -- the thing is, the purse is real. The real thing. I was really pissed. Why would it be fake? We've never bought anything fake. Ever. That's the best reaction you get for a $1,500 purse?
Show a little respect. I mean, we all worked hard all year to raise the money for these things. I don't know. I'm just kind of mad. She couldn't just say "thanks mom!" ? Or is that too hard?

Today I realized that I'd really like a small dog. I really hated small dogs before. But today I saw this TINY dog running down the bike path and it was just SO cute. I know I'll never get another dog, and I love my two dogs so much! But that one was just too cute. But my dogs are getting old, Paddington turns 10 on January 28th, and you know -- god forbid anything happends to him -- but you know. For my next dog, I'd like a small one. I wonder how big Pugs get? I love pugs. I always have. A pug or a little TeaCup Maltese.
Do they have tea cup pugs? How cute that would be! A little tiny baby with a squiddgy face. Awww. But I don't want a medium sized dog. I want a small one. Like one that would fit in the dog clothes. I wonder if dogs like to wear clothes? I know my dogs don't..
My older sister has a TeaCup Maltese. It's so cute. It's name is Sasha. My sister says that Sasha has "Separation anxiety" (destructiveness and barking) when she's left alone too much, and she barks. My dogs don't bark. And Maltese can seriously injure or kill THEMSELVES by leaping from your arms or off the back of your sofa! How scary is that?!

all is well.

Love Always.

Ps -- That new Keith Urban song "Stupid Boy" -- I LOVE IT.
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