December 29th 2006

Wednesday, December 27, 2006
So today I went to the mall again. I got some coach shoes. They just came out today and I love them to death! (I bet the person who doesn't know me in person who's reading this is like "WHAT A SNOBBY BITCH!", Well, I don't normally get good stuff.)
So anyways, when I was in the mall today I saw THREE girls with the same Speedy 30 as me. Wow.
This comes as a shock to me, because before, I've never seen someone with one. So that sucks. They stop being rare right when I get one. Hey man, Im pissed. Ah well. They can eat trash.

Today I learned that a great Frankie Muniz site is closing down! All his other fan sites are on "BRB", and Im getting pretty mad about it. Where am I going to get my Frankie Muniz news?

Well then I came home and played THE SOPRANOS video game all day.

Then I did some singing lessons.

The end
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