December 26th 2006

Tuesday, December 26, 2006
So I just got back from Georgia. Ill tell the story from the very begining..

So we drove for 12 hours in the car to Georgia, and I got hungry along the way (We were like, half way there) and we stopped in this place to go to Wendys, and I got out of the car and asked my mom what the name of the town was, because I was taking some pictures, and she goes "Marietta". So I go to pee my pants, because that's where Jonbenet Ramsey is Burried, and so I got back into the car and wouldn't get out. Out of all the friggin' Wendys, we pick that one. So we get back into the car until we get to Jasper, and we ate there.
Then we got to Cathie's at 6. Then I went to bed at 7. I was playing Pokemon with Tristian, and that was alright. But then he kept cheating, and so I went to bed.

Then, on the 24th, we went out to Walmart and got a Air Hockey Table, and three RC Cars. I got a black Mustang, and I got Christy a Yellow 'Vette, and I got Tristian a Hummer. That was cool-ish. Then we made cookies. Christy even helped. So that was wayyy cute. But after the cookies, Tristian got Bitchy because I told him he couldn't have any until they were all done. Then I sat with the grown ups and we talked and talked about really boring grown up stuff. So that day went by like SUPER slow. I went to bed at like 8:30, and then Will went downstairs to put together the Air Hocky Table. Did I mention I was sleeping in the basement? Everyone knows how I have phobias of going down long hall ways, right? Well I do. I almost peed myself. Seriously. But the worst thing was -- I could hear everyone walking around upstairs. So I freaked out and put on a Billy Gilman song (Let me Remind You Again) and I put it on repeat. Just loud enough so I could hear it.

I must have woke up 4 or 5 times that night. I'm a crappy sleeper when it comes to things like that. I mean, first off -- it's Christmas Eve, Second -- Everyone the hell else was walking around upstairs, and it was freaking me the hell out. Then! IT CAME. Everyone was up at 5am, and everyone was upstairs on the couch. Waiting. My mom took forever to get her "face on", and so did I. No way was I going to look ugly in anymore photos. So then we were all ready, and Cathie started to hand out the gifts. For the first goddamn hour Christy and Tristian were only aloud to open gifts. (What the hell, mate?)

So I sat there trying to look like I was having a good time, and Tristian almost cried twice when he got clothes. (Mind you it was after he got like 50 great things, but he'd cry over goddamn everything.) So he would run in his room and slam the door and cry and shit. Then we had to wait for him to come back out until any of us could open anymore gifts. Around a half hour later I got to open one gift. Britney Spears Perfume, Fantasy. (Lucky, Lucky me.)

So around 30 gifts later, I got another gift (Basicly, they left me out.) and it was a big box from Burberry. Then my dad blabbed that it was just a box from the blanket we got a month or so ago.. So I opened it and it had some little boxes in there. So I opened one, and it was a Juicy Couture Bracelet (I've been wanting that for months.) and a cowboy hat, and pink microphone charm.

Then Tristian threw another fit when I gave Christy her gifts, (Took me forever to find them..) Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figures! I knew she had been wanting them for a very very long time! So I had to find them for her. So Trisitian stole them out of her hands right infront of everyone. When I told him that they were Christy's gifts -- he freaked out and cried and stuff.

Then I gave him his gift, a great portable DVD player that he wanted -- and he thought it was a lap top -- and cried when he found out it was just a DVD player.. So he ran back in his room and slammed the door.

Then I got to open a gift, and it was a really ugly Burberry shirt. I told my mom to sell it, and get her money back. So yeah. If anyone wants an ugly Burberry Shirt -- check ebay. But it was nice of them to try it out. I mean, I don't even celebrate Christmas, so yeah. It was alright.

So later on I was playing Air Hockey with Tristian, and he was calling me stupid, and everything, and he told me I was a really bad player -- so I stopped going easy on him. Kicked his ass. Four times. So he started to cry, and said he never wanted to play again, and that I was a cheater. That was the last straw. I told him to "Grow the Fuck Up.", and then I went to sleep.

Thank god Im home.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.

So we got home, and my "other" christmas gift isnt here, and my dad is freaking out. He won't tell me what it is, but he's pissed off. Who knows.

Love to all.
What did you get for Christmas?
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